community organization

We exist to contribute to the development of the LGBTI community in Romania.

Have you been discriminated?


We contribute to the development of LGBTI community in Romania.


We support full legal and societal equality for LGBTI people.


We act under the mutual trust and solidarity banner.


We support diversity in all its shapes.

About MozaiQ

We are one of the main community organizations that address LGBTI Romanians. We strive to participate in the LGBTI community development under the mutual trust and solidarity flag, resulted from social activities, a presence on the alternative cultural stage. as well as special attention offered to various vulnerable groups.

Our Projects

MozaiQ organizes and participates in hundreds of community, cultural, civical and social events every year. We support local community development, inclusion of LGBTI and other discriminated categories, as well as sports activities. We organize social inclusion sessions and we fight for social justice.

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