Our project was focused on empowering LBGTQ+ groups from Romania and Moldoca, to assist and support refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine, generated by the Russian invasion. According the UNHCR, following the invasion on the 24th of February 2022, over 654.000 refugees sought help in Moldova, and over 1.3 million refugees entered Romania.

We operated in four major areas: Bucharest, Iași, Timișoara, and Chișinău, the capital of the Republic of Moldova.

The project implemented the following activities:

  • Outreach work on social media
  • Visiting the border and distributing fliers in state operated shelters
  • Creating and maintaining a network of LGBTQ+ associations and organizations in Ukraine

For refugees:

  • Offering a shelter for LGBT refugees coming from Ukraine, in the form of housing
  • Coving the costs of transport
  • • Providing food and necessary supplies
  • Legal counseling for LGBT refugees
  • Ensuring the translation of documents, contracts, and guides
  • Launching two hotlines for refugees seeking support, one for MozaiQ and one for Gender Doc M
  • Providing psychological support
  • Support in migration to other countries and maintaining a connection with LGBT associations from neighboring countries

Following the LGBTQ+ Refugees project we made a refugee guide in three languages (EN, UA, RU) that can be used in the future by LGBTQ+ people seeking refuge in Romania.