INTERSECT - Changing the narrative of discrimination

The project “INTERSECT – Changing the narrative of discrimination” had the purpose of fighting Roma discrimination through awareness activities on the level of discrimination and its negative impact on society; it included a major empowerment component for Roma youth at a local level and the promotion of their direct participation in the development, implementation, and monitoring of activities and politcies that affect them. The project also supports the empower of a Roma and pro-Roma civil society at a local level.

The project is dedicated to LGBT Roma people that desire to set intersectionality and pluri-discrimination on the public agenda.

The “ABC of antidiscrimination: Ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender identity from an intersectional perspective”


1. Identifying the needs of Roma youth and LGBT Roma in five Romanian cities, followed by educative and informative sessions, mentorship activities, as well as workshops for creating and implementing local awareness campaigns, made by the young participants in the project, with support from the partnered organizations;

2. The representation of Roma youth and LGBT Roma interests in at least fifteen cases of discrimination;

3. Trainings to local authorities from five cities and workshops with students in universities. Supporting, creating, and implementing anti-discrimination online campaigns aimed towards students, with the help of students, Roma youth and LGBT Roma;

4. Study regarding the discrimination Roma and LGBT Roma face in Romania. Including good practices and cases identifies during the implementation of the project.

5. National awareness campaign regarding Roma and Roma LGBT discrimination. Proposing public policy regarding the fight against discrimination.

The project was coordinated by  CRJ – the Center  for Legal Resources, and implemented in partnership with the following organizations:  ACTEDO – the Center of Action for Equality and Human Rights,  Asociația MozaiQ LGBT  and  UCTRR – the Civic Union of Roma youth in Romania. 

The project took place in August 2019 – July 2021.

Total estimated budget: 213.727,15 EUR, of which 170.980 EUR were contributed by the E.U., and 42.747,15 EUR were contributed by the organizations implementing the project. 


Project funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the European Union (2014-2020).

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