The Unicorns@Work project aims to increase the employability of transgender individuals in Bucharest by working with both transgender individuals (to improve their various skills, such as foreign languages, IT, CV writing, etc.) and companies, serving as an informative space for employers and employees dedicated to the idea of diversity inclusion in the Romanian job market for transgender individuals, LGBT+ individuals, and allies of the LGBT+ community in Romania. The project has been ongoing since April 2019.

The strategy of Unicorns@Work is built on two main axes:

The first axis focuses on enhancing the employability of transgender individuals by strengthening their knowledge in various areas, boosting self-confidence, and fostering initiative.

The second axis of the project’s strategy revolves around building a network of informed employers who are willing to create inclusive work environments for individuals whose gender identities do not conform to traditional norms. The Unicorns@Work team, together with partner companies, aims to develop gender-blind recruitment and hiring strategies, as well as internal policies that recognize behaviors and attitudes that either contribute to or diminish transphobia in the workplace.

In 2019, the project accomplished the following: the establishment of a support group, eight social events and community meetings, four workshops for transgender individuals, 27 one-on-one sessions, a job fair with LGBTQ+-friendly employers called Unicorns@Work, the website www.t-jobs.org, a guide for employers, and an addendum of best practices. You can find more information and a photo gallery from the first edition on the website.

Employer's Guide in Romanian

In 2020 , the project achieved the creation of a hiring guide for transgender individuals in the job market, a toolkit for companies, community workshops, funding for professional (re)training courses, the organization of the second edition of the Unicorns@Work job fair, support and counseling through a community mediator, portraits of the transgender community, and networking events with companies called Rainbow Breakfast.

Guide on Trans on the Labour Market

In 2021 , the project aimed to create a national report on the state of trans and LGBT+ inclusivity in the Romanian job market, organize the third edition of Unicorns@Work with the support of the Canadian Embassy, hold the second edition of Rainbow Breakfast, provide support through qualification courses, and promote professionals we are proud of.

Report on the "Trans on the Labour Market in Romania" study in English

Trans on the Labour Market in Romania is a national report focusing on the career, employability, and workplace experiences of transgender, non-binary, and intersex individuals in Romania.
Made by: Ioana Fotache
Editing coordinator: Roxana Marin

The Trans Labour Study 2021 is the first study examining the experiences of transgender, non-binary, and intersex individuals(collectively referred to as “trans” in the study) on the Romanian job market. Conducted between June and July 2021 by the MozaiQ LGBT Association, the study included an anonymous online questionnaire targeted to trans individuals of all ages in Romania, available in both Romanian and Hungarian.

The purpose of this report is to inform the general public and lawmakers, and change perspectives on the lives of trans individuals, their challenges, discrimination, and choices throughout their educational and career paths.
This report examines the experiences of trans individuals in the job market, from school to job searching and exposure to various work environments. It analyzes various aspects of workplace culture as well as the quality of life for trans individuals resulting from professional, social, and bureaucratic interactions. Additionally, the study includes sections focused on migration and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on trans individuals in Romania.

For more details about the project, you can visit the website UnicornsAtWork.ro

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