LGBTQ+ Community Fund

In 2019 we launched the LGBTQ+ Community Fund, the first fund dedicated to LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, and intersex) community initiatives in Romania. The LGBTQ+ Community Fund supports the local initiatives of LGBTI communities and their allies to ensure the safety, visibility, and equality of all people in Romania, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other characteristics. 

During the first year, we offered 14 grants of 30.250 RON in total, through 3 calls for projects. The launch of this fund was made possible with support fromthe Embassy of the Netherlands in Romania, NDI – the National Democratic Institute, and the donations of LGBTQ community members and allies.

The results of the first call can be viewed here.

The results of the third call can be viewed here.

The year 2020 was a challenging one, full of obstacles for the LGBT communities from all over the country and all over the world. LGBT individuals needed to manage all sorts of issues: lack of treatment for people living with HIV, isolation and depression, a lack of counseling services, loosing their job, inability to pay rent and housing instability, fines from the police, lack of human rights in regards to their significant other, closing of schools and returning home to homophobic and transphobic environments, suicide, etc. LGBT organizations and groups encountered challenges of their own: lack of volunteers, lack of resources, reorganization of activities, etc. The LGBTI Community Fund represented a much-needed resource, both for LGBT groups as well as individual vulnerable people from the community. The funds available for this year camein the form of individual donations and through the financial support of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Romania, the Bucharest Community Foundation, Tides Foundation and the Bruxelles Circle of Donors.  This year we have given 22 grants to groups and organizations totaling 33.296 RON, 16 donations to people in need from the community, totaling 11.933 RON, 8 purchasing of professional (re)conversion, totaling 6.514 RON.

The results of the fourth call can be viewed here.

The results of the fifth call can be viewed here.

In 2021, following the call for projects from the month of July, we’ve given 8 microgrants totaling 19.690 RON. The funds came from individual donations, as well as the Bruxelles Circle of Donors, and Outcity. The projects selected for funding in the sixth call can be found here.

In 2021 through the LGBTQ+ Community Fund, MozaiQ distributed 37.289 RON to the community.

From the beginning of this project, MozaiQ offered grants and donations totaling 119.282 RON:

– 44 grants to LGBTQ+ organizations (85.057 RON);

– 29 donations to vulnerable people (24.522 RON);

– 11 professional (re)conversion courses (7.136 RON);

– sponsorships (2.567 RON).

Individual donations contribute to the LGBTQ+ Community Fund every year. Help us build and nourish a strong and resilient community at a national level through a one-time donation, or a recurrent one HERE.

Thank you for your support!