We are launching the crowdfunding campaign ‘Support LGBT for the referendum’ to raise resources for a series of actions to mobilize hundreds of people in the fight for equal rights!

The referendum to change the Romanian Constitution, in order to narrow the definition of family, is approaching. The citizens’ initiative has already been approved by the Chamber of Deputies and by the Senate. Both the LGBT community and their allies have been part of a debate on human rights, in direct confrontation with the political parties and the Orthodox Church, entities with access to numerous resources to implement their plans.

The LGBT community based MozaiQ Association, began its work in 2015, and has been forced to keep up with the conservative tide against sexual minorities. Over the past two years, MozaiQ has organized over 150 community events, a summer school, public forums with politicians, the ‘God Doesn’t Do Politics’ march, a protest in the University Square, Bucharest Pride 2016, the LGBT student group Campus Pride in the University of Bucharest, a series of LGBT seniors’ meetings, sports events, an advocacy campaign in favor of a LGBT community center in Bucharest, as well as a series of public appearances meant to represent a community whose voice has not been heard sufficiently, over the years. At the same time, MozaiQ built solidarity with other groups in society, forged alliances with feminist organizations, organizations that fight for the rights of Roma people or for the rights of people with disabilities. We consider solidarity as something essential in a democracy.

Now, MozaiQ is preparing the campaign for the referendum to change the Constitution, so we need your help. We have shown that we are creative, that we work hard, that we care about our community, and we now ask the community to join us in the fight to protect our rights. When the rights of one person are called into question, the rights of us all are in danger.

We are launching the crowdfunding campaign ‘Support LGBT for the referendum’ to raise resources for a series of actions to mobilize hundreds of people in the fight for equal rights. For this campaign we will propose a sound communication strategy, we will recruit volunteers, prepare promotional materials, videos, initiate direct actions, launch a website, in order to have national coverage.

In order to accomplish what we propose, we need resources for:

  1. Protests and actions in public space in four major cities in Romania. Over the next few months, we will mobilize the community to organize and demand publicly their rights be respected, a direct signal to politicians and to society that we exist and we will resist any attempt to limit our rights.
  2. A citizens’ information tent in Bucharest, located (for a month) in a central area, where MozaiQ volunteers will give out leaflets and discuss the proposed amendments to the Constitution with citizens.
  3. MozaiQ trips throughout Romania. We will try to be present in as many cities in Romania, even in smaller ones, in order to inform local communities about the dangers of changing the Constitution.
  4. A video campaign that will include a general promotion video and a series of individual videos designed to promote as many citizens as possible, standing up for human rights and democracy in Romania.
  5. A website to promote the campaign, where citizens can get information and download promotional campaign materials.
  6. Promotional campaign materials, including posters, social media images, stickers, stencils, shirts, bags, agendas, etc.
  7. Online advertising, both on Facebook and on various websites, so as to make sure our message goes far enough, to as many citizens as possible.

So, this is it, our plan laid out in front of you, meant to bring together as many people as possible and to mobilize social groups, in order to make their voices heard.

We have opened three donation accounts. On a weekly basis we will inform everyone about the amount that’s been collected, in real time. As far expenditures, at the end of the campaign, we will publicize, in a transparent way, a complete report on the expenses.

Account in lei (RON) RO16BTRLRONCRT0320175902

USD account RO94BTRLUSDCRT0320175901

EURO account RO09BTRLEURCRT0320175904

You can also donate through Paypal here.

Staff costs are not included in the crowdfunding campaign because all of our work is on a volunteer basis.

Thank you for reading our story to the end, and thank you for your contribution to this campaign, meant to strengthen the community we live in.

For details, questions, queries, we are available on the facebook page of MozaiQ here, or at vladviski@gmail.com or mihnea.florea@gmail.com.